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Luxury fabrics

  • Identity - interactive and innovative application website


  • Advertising banners - motion design
Louis Vuitton Spellwood

Louis Vuitton

  • e-commerce Website - Design - Web programming - Motion


  • Identity - Site - Design
site luxe prêt à porter -100


  • 10 awards -
  • luxury Site -
  • Design -
  • motion capture
Image 3D montre de luxe Chanel par Spellwood


  • 3D animation -
  • CGI 3D image -
  • Motion design
Nespresso site événementiel


  • Event website - Design - Motion design

SPELLWOOD Luxury digital communication agency

Spellwood is an independent and multi-award winning communication agency.
We make beautiful web design & very technical websites for demanding clients. We have been awarded sometimes for our innovations and designs.

Spellwood has created web innovations : first website with mouse motion detection control in 2010, one of the first application-like website in 2012, first e-commerce 3D product configurator with trillions options in 2014, elaborate clean design, websites mixing interactivity - products information - product advertising - e-commerce and storytelling.
Spellwood is characterised by the preciseness of its design as a trademark.


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